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About Rene

Rene Beach for 27J School Board of Directors. Rene and her husband Paul live in the 27J school district. They have lived in the district for nearly eight years, where they are raising their three children.

Rene and her husband are dedicated to service, She works part-time in healthcare and has worked at local hospitals and clinics for the past 20 years. Her husband is a Police Officer.

Their oldest son is enrolled in The Achieve Program and their two oldest have been diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD.

Rene’s journey has fueled her desire to pave the way for families with special needs to navigate the educational system..

The Rene Beach Platform ‚Äč

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Rene Beach stands for “Parent Voice. Parent Choice.” Join her campaign by volunteering to host a fundraiser, make phone calls, boost the candidate’s social media presence, and / or go door to door. She has professional handouts that outline her platform. The handouts are in both English and Spanish,

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Donate today to Elect Rene Beach to 27J School Board. Consider donating so that Rene can represent district parent voices, staffing analysis, as well as students and families with special needs.

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